[SIPForum-discussion] MOS calculation at IP to TDM calls

mustafa aydin mustafaydin82 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 10 15:50:49 UTC 2015

I am aware that here is not the right place to submit this query but I hope someone can shed a light on it;
-----RTP-----> (A) TDM GW -------TDM--------- (B)TDM GW (C)-------RTP ------>(D)
Let's say I measure the MOS=2 for the RTP stream at point A, considering that there is no problem at the TDM link, what would be the MOS value at point B or C ? 
Will I see around MOS value 4 at point B or the same MOS value at point A would be observed ? I know that if we listen the stream at point B  I will notice the call quality problems but I am wondering what will be the MOS value calculated by the TDM GW there ?
Thanks in advance,Mustafa
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