[SIPForum-discussion] Hwo to form AOR with SIP port other than default 5060

Varadhan M m.varadhan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 05:51:29 UTC 2015


SIP Request Header, To and From Headers should have the SIP port if its not
default 5060 along with domain name ?

Lets say SIP REGISTRAR is atlanta.example.com:6060 (SIP port 6060)
Should I need to form the SIP Request, From, To header with the SIP port
like below

SIP Request: sip:atlanta.example.com:6060
From: sip:Bob at atlanta.example.com:6060
To: sip:Bob at atlanta.example.com:6060

or is it valid to have any of these without SIP port in it ?

Thanks in advance.

Varadhan M
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