[SIPForum-discussion] Problem with trunk sip dialer

Rafael Diego Farias de Oliveira rafaeldiego21 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 20:28:47 UTC 2015


I trantando a case that the customer complains that occurs the following
problem with your dialer.
This site is a call center that is conducting multiple connections via a
program (dialer).
The customer who claims that as your dialer can not "hear" the voicemail
message of cell from the beginning, has improperly passing these calls to
the attendants.
Some call it only receives the audio at the time we send the CONNECT, which
coincides with the start of the second part of the voicemail message.
If the dialer listen to the voicemail message at the beginning, it
disconnects the call. As he is leaving to receive the initial part of the
message, and already receiving the final part, together with CONNECT, it
ends up going over to the clerk.
not really know what else to do.
Does anyone know of any solutions.
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