[SIPForum-discussion] Announcing RTCWeb-it 2 -- the WebRTC Interoperability Testing Event

Marc Robins marc.robins at sipforum.org
Thu Oct 17 18:16:53 UTC 2013

Dear SIP Forum Members:

The SIP Forum is proud to announce a new WebRTC Interoperability testing
event, called RTCWeb-it 2, hosted by TMC and scheduled for November 18, 2013
-- on the Monday before the WebRTC Conference and Expo in Santa Clara, CA. 

RTCWeb-it 2 is the second WebRTC interoperability testing event produced by
the SIP Forum, and its purpose is to provide a venue for WebRTC implementers
above and below the WebRTC API to work together with the specification
authors to improve their code and the specifications.

RTCWeb-it 2 will bring together the browser developers, and other
implementers working on the code that makes the WebRTC API work; application
developers that are using the WebRTC API; gateway developers, particularly
those building systems that bridge WebRTC and SIP; and the editors of
several of the specifications being developed.

Like the SIPit Interoperability testing events, RTCWeb-it 2 will be a
technology test event, and not a product or application showcase or a
marketing/networking event for general industry participants.

For more information please visit
http://www.sipforum.org/content/view/416/294/. Registration for qualified
participants is now open, and is located at www.regonline.com/rtcwebit2.



Marc Robins

President and Managing Director

SIP Forum

 <http://www.sipforum.org/> http://www.sipforum.org





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