[SIPForum-discussion] Example of SIP Registration with multiple contacts

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One of the most common scenarios is shared line appearance. An assitant registers their line as well for thier bosses' line. That way when the boss' phone rings it also rings the assitants line the assitant can pick up the phone. Now if you are registering multiple devices for yourselves, say your desk and mobile phone, it wont make sense to send a register with multiple contact as the phone doesnt know abt the mobile and vice-versa. Another example is that of a device doing bulk registration on behalf of all the phones behind it.
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 Subject: [SIPForum-discussion] Example of SIP Registration with multiple contacts
 To: discussion at sipforum.org
 Date: Friday, June 28, 2013, 3:36 PM
 Can anybody give me a real time example/scenario of
 SIP Register message with multiple contacts?
 Register: sip.com
 To: <karan at sip.com> 
 From: <karan at sip.com>
 Contact: <Contact1>, <Contact2>
 - Are there any SIP clients which has this capability
 to send multiple contacts with different IP/Ports associated
 with same AOR (To header) in same Register message
 Please let me know about such clients
 - Also is it possible to have multiple contacts in
 Register message which points to same IP/Port but differ in
 a sense that one is SIP URI and other is not
 - Also check below scenario
 Device1: Register1 with TO:karan at sip.com
 and Contact: Contact1
 Device2: Register2 with TO:karan at sip.com
 and Contact:Contact2
 When 200 OK for Register2 is received it will contain
 both Contact1, Contact2;
 So now is it possible that when i Refresh my Register
 from Device2, Can this device2 include both the contacts in
 this Register request?
 Thanks n Regards
 Karandeep Singh
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