[SIPForum-discussion] Example of SIP Registration with multiple contacts

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Shouldn't this scenario apply when we have follow me activated in the voicemail?  For example if the call rings at the desk phone but has follow me, will it not show the second contact as being the cell phone contact?  Just a thought.  I am curious to know as well.

Either that the second contact may show in the re-INVITE message.   Thanks


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Subject: [SIPForum-discussion] Example of SIP Registration with multiple contacts

Can anybody give me a real time example/scenario of SIP Register message with multiple contacts?
Register: sip.com<http://sip.com>
To: <karan at sip.com<mailto:karan at sip.com>>  ///AOR
From: <karan at sip.com<mailto:karan at sip.com>>
Contact: <Contact1>, <Contact2>
- Are there any SIP clients which has this capability to send multiple contacts with different IP/Ports associated with same AOR (To header) in same Register message
Please let me know about such clients
- Also is it possible to have multiple contacts in Register message which points to same IP/Port but differ in a sense that one is SIP URI and other is not
- Also check below scenario
Device1: Register1 with TO:karan at sip.com<mailto:TO%3Akaran at sip.com> and Contact: Contact1
Device2: Register2 with TO:karan at sip.com<mailto:TO%3Akaran at sip.com> and Contact:Contact2
When 200 OK for Register2 is received it will contain both Contact1, Contact2;
So now is it possible that when i Refresh my Register from Device2, Can this device2 include both the contacts in this Register request?
Thanks n Regards
Karandeep Singh
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