[SIPForum-discussion] Example of SIP Registration with multiple contacts

Karan Thakur karan18.thakur at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 10:06:30 UTC 2013


Can anybody give me a real time example/scenario of SIP Register message
with multiple contacts?

Register: sip.com
To: <karan at sip.com>  ///AOR
From: <karan at sip.com>
Contact: <Contact1>, <Contact2>

- Are there any SIP clients which has this capability to send multiple
contacts with different IP/Ports associated with same AOR (To header) in
same Register message
Please let me know about such clients
- Also is it possible to have multiple contacts in Register message which
points to same IP/Port but differ in a sense that one is SIP URI and other
is not
- Also check below scenario
Device1: Register1 with TO:karan at sip.com and Contact: Contact1
Device2: Register2 with TO:karan at sip.com and Contact:Contact2

When 200 OK for Register2 is received it will contain both Contact1,
So now is it possible that when i Refresh my Register from Device2, Can
this device2 include both the contacts in this Register request?

Thanks n Regards
Karandeep Singh
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