[SIPForum-discussion] Encapsulating Q 931 in SIP

ashok.pitambar at wipro.com ashok.pitambar at wipro.com
Wed Mar 7 07:53:05 UTC 2012

Hi Raghul,

                    I couldn't find any RFC which explains about encapsulation of Q931 in SIP , instead found

 that QSIG encapsulation in SIP in RFC 3204 since QSIG is a subtype of Q931 I believe same can referred


Check these sites


Ashok Pitambar

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Hello All,

I see that we can encapsulate ISUP, QSIG and DPNSS over SIP, but is there an RFC or IETF doc explaining encapsulation of Q931 in SIP, so that the content type of MIME in SIP reads as application/Q931?

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