[SIPForum-discussion] SIP response 480 is same as SIP response 408

Murali Vuppandla mvuppand at cisco.com
Mon Jun 14 11:14:52 UTC 2010

I think it depends upon the cause value you are receiving in ACM/REL
message. As per RFC3398 this is how it maps the values. 


You can refer to RFC3398 for further clarifications.


ISUP Cause value                        SIP response

   ----------------                        ------------

   1  unallocated number                   404 Not Found

   2  no route to network                  404 Not found

   3  no route to destination              404 Not found

   16 normal call clearing                 --- (*)

   17 user busy                            486 Busy here

   18 no user responding                   408 Request Timeout

   19 no answer from the user              480 Temporarily unavailable

   20 subscriber absent                    480 Temporarily unavailable

   21 call rejected                        403 Forbidden (+)

   22 number changed (w/o diagnostic)      410 Gone

   22 number changed (w/ diagnostic)       301 Moved Permanently

   23 redirection to new destination       410 Gone

   26 non-selected user clearing           404 Not Found (=)

   27 destination out of order             502 Bad Gateway

   28 address incomplete                   484 Address incomplete

   29 facility rejected                    501 Not implemented

   31 normal unspecified                   480 Temporarily unavailable






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Hi All


As per the following call flow can anybody gudie me whether receiving Sp
response 408 instead of 480 when far end PSTN user is unavailable or


Call Flow-


Voip provider 1--------------------->VOIP provider2_----------------------->
PSTN operator--------------------------> PSTn network--->User


If VOIP provider 1 getting SIP response 408 requs. time out instead of 480
Temp. unavailable, is this right signaling? Within RFC draft 2833 is here
any comment on this,like for temp. unavailable or unreachable user we can
accept 408 instead f 480?


Please comment your thughts.





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