[SIPForum-discussion] RES: how user agent knows that standby serverisnow active?

Giscard Fernandes Faria GISCARDF at nec.com.br
Thu Jan 14 09:13:38 UTC 2010

I believe there are several ways to solve that.

If both active and standby servers are from the same vendor it is possible create a "synch" communication between them. So when the active one goes down the standby one assume the active IP address - at this way UA have no clue on what happened and things goes smoothly. However it is necessary keep in mind that both servers must keep session persistent so it can continue a valid call.

If SIP servers are from different technology I would not recommend using heartbeats (this generate unnecessary traffic). I believe a better way would be configuring two IP address on the UA using a priority order. If the first one fails it can try the second one, and so further. However at this way established calls will be lost.

One more time, those are only ideas. There is no wrong and right.

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I think the User agent should implement a kind of heart beat communication between itself and active server, and between itself and standby server.
Option message maybe a suitable way to do this.

Any other ideas?

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Hi all,

If active softswitch server fails & standby server will take all functions of active server then how user agent knows that standby server is now active?
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