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Small correction it will be 481 and not 408.

And yes after transaction reaches terminated state and retransmission
for that transaction will receive 481.



Sunil Verma



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Hi All,

I have doubt about T4 Timer and what happen if any dialog is in
terminated state and other side tries to communicate with previous
dialog which was terminated?

After INVTE from A to B, B sends 404 Not found and B received ACk for
404 but when A-side receive 404 and send ACK for 404 Call goes in
Confirm state and after 5second(T4 timer fires) it goes under Terminated
state and after that if we are sending Re-send ACK for 404 it should
reply with 408 Call leg does not exist.

Can Any body tell me is it correct call flow or not?

Thanks & Regards
Shivlakhan Patel
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