[SIPForum-discussion] Choosing the best response. Clarification needed

Yevgen Krapiva ykrapiva at gmail.com
Tue May 12 08:26:19 UTC 2009


Here is a quote from RFC 3261 Response processing section in statefull proxies:

>6.  Choosing the best response
>         A stateful proxy MUST send a final response to a response
>         context's server transaction if no final responses have been
>         immediately forwarded by the above rules and all client
>         transactions in this response context have been terminated.

Should I treat the words "terminated transaction" as transaction in
TERMINATED state ? If yes, then keeping in mind that client
transactions created by proxy "live" for about 30 seconds in case of
3XX-699 responses, then the UAC have to wait half a minute until the
proxy answers him.

In other words: If client transaction created by proxy receives
3XX-699 response, then it will elapse 30 seconds before transaction
goes from COMPLETED to TERMINATED state. All this time proxy have to
wait until it sends the final response to UAC.

Is it normal ? Or should proxy choose the best response when all
client transactions goes to COMPLETED OR TERMINATED state ?

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