[SIPForum-discussion] One direction voice communication

Mike Jiang mike.jiang at andersontaylor.com
Tue Jun 23 15:45:07 UTC 2009

Hi, All

     We used the GIPS Voice Engine and installed it on Pharos Traveler 137.
And the Pharos phone is a SIP phone. 

     When I made a phone call from the Pharos phone to any conventional
phone, like my T-Mobile phone, 

     I can hear the voice from the Pharos phone after the ACK MSG, but I
cannot hear any thing from the T-Mobile phone.


     I checked the log info about the communication and found no error. 


     When I did the some thing on a HTC phone and made a phone call from it
to the T-Mobile phone, every thing worked fine.


     The only difference between the Pharos and the HTC is, the HTC is in
the EDGE or GPRS network while the Pharos uses 

     3G. My T-Mobile phone is always in the EDGE network.


     Appreciate any helps,


     Mike J.




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