[SIPForum-discussion] Domain IP is same in TO & FROM header field.

nitin kapoor nitinkapoorr at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 23:29:50 UTC 2009

Hello Friends,

I am facing the problem where i can see that when my UAC is sending the
initial invite to my server(B2BUA), TO & FROM header field is correct but
when my B2BUA is forwarding the same invite to next hop(termination end)
then TO & FROM header field domain ip/name is different. I am not sure it is
possible or not.

*TO & FROM in the intial invite.*
From: <sip:6782617979@**
To: <sip:20805215519112887@**:5060>
TO & FROM when B2BUA is forwarding the same request to termination end.*

To: <sip:20805215519112887@**:5060>
From: <sip:6782617979@**>;tag=3454088168-182424

And if it is possible then on which scenario its is possible??

Please help me to understand the issue.

I have attached the ethereal traces with the mail.

Nitin Kapoor
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