[SIPForum-discussion] Difference between SIP Dialogue and SIPSession

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I have a different idea about Dialogs and Sessions. I'll try to put is


Dialog forms when a dialog creating request is successfully answered. 


Also true that session can have many dialogs and transactions. However
all dialogs might not have sessions.


But session and dialog cannot be distinguished based on the termination
procedure as the termination procedure of a dialog/session is method

(for that matter a session can abruptly end if a re-invite doesn't
receive any response)

Also we cannot take few dialogs and successful transactions together to
call it a session.


I understand it this way, session is when any media (not early media as
that is not a confirmed dialog) is passed between the endpoints using
any protocol whose information was transported using SIP signals.

Say we need to transport voice using RTP so primarily SIP signals would
take help of SDP to transport the information about the RTP session.
Please note that I am not stating that SIP signals are used for only
that purpose but SIP alone cannot form a session. There is no use of SIP
in an ongoing session rather it would be used to modify the session


Please let me know if my understanding is anyway deviating from the RFC.





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Hi Raj,

I belive SIP Dialogue is One request and Responce. (Ex: Invite ---- >
100 Trying ------> and <-------180 ringing)

Where as session is whole transactions from invite to bye ( end of the


On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 9:05 PM, raja sekar
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Hi All,

Good Evening!

Can any one tell me the difference between SIP Dialogue and SIP Session.

Thanks in advance!

Rajasekar Dhanasekaran.



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