[SIPForum-discussion] Need a free sip desktop phone which provides interfaces to thirdparty application

vijay swami vijay_wce at yahoo.co.in
Fri Apr 24 04:06:43 UTC 2009

   Thanks for showing your interest.That is my requirement to control the SIP Phone from my application. See i have one application ,from that i should make a outgoing call through anything like,Skype ia also running on my system,Sip phone is also running.So whenever i want to make a call through Skype ,then i should trigger call from my application by using skype and same about SIP phone also.
   I think now you got my point. Please tell some solution.Already i am missing my deadline.. I am not able to provide some solution for this.
Vijay Swami


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So you would like on/off hook presence and remote call control through your application? would that sum it up? 

On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 9:24 AM, Nils Ohlmeier <nils at ohlmeier.com> wrote:


Snom phones can send HTTP requests on certain events to a given
destination (like your application), like incoming or outgoing call etc.
But Snom phones are not free of charge and they are hardphones. Sounds
like you are looking for a softphone only.

Best regards
 Nils Ohlmeier

> Hi All,
>     I have one very strange requirement.I am devloping one non SIP Third
> party application.One desktop SIP phone is also running on same system.I
> have provided one text box for entering SIP URI and Place a call button in
> that Third party application.
>     here my requirement is, I will enter the SIP Uri in the text box
> provided by Non SIP Third party application and click on a button of Place
> a call.After that call should go through SIP Phone running on same system
> and subsequently my application should get the indication from sip phone
> i..e.200 OK,BYE etc. And even for incoming call also when SIP Phone
> receives incoming INVITE SIP phone should indicate to my application that
> incoming call has came and subsequently event of Call Connected ,Call end
> indication also should give to my application.
>      If i want to achive this then basically SIP Phone which is running
> itself should give some interface or it should give some provision, So
> that some third party application will get indications about the call
> status or some third party application should be able to make a call from
> his application through SIP Desktop phone.e.g Skype phone provides some
> commands ,command line interface so that any third party application can
> have control over the skype.By using those commands third party
> application can make a call through skype ,or it will get incoming call
> indication also from skype.
>      Like skype is there any SIP desktop phone which provides such
> interfaces to make call through SIP Phone by using Third party application
> ? Or what is the probable solution for this proble.Any kind of SIP Phone
> is fine for me ,only it should provide interfaces.How to get the Incoming
> call indication,Status of established call? How to make outgoing call so
> that if i click the button on third party application,call should go
> through SIP phone and UI should popup on SIP phone that Outgoing call to
> this no.
>   Please help me,How to achive this scenario?? I Know it is very strange
> requirement, That as a SIP devloper i never came across such requirement.
> I thought and browsed many phones like SJ Phone,X Lite,3CX,Eyebeam,Ekiga
> etc etc. But waste.I did not get usefule information.That is good brain
> teaser issue for devloper.Please add your thought how to achive this..
> Regards,
> Vijay Swami
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