[SIPForum-discussion] Real time scenario of Call Hold Vs Tech-Invite document (call hold)

Oscar Alonso Sánchez Hernández oasanchezh at gmail.com
Wed May 28 02:53:59 UTC 2008


Each User Agent maintains its own Cseq number.

If "A" sends INVITE to "B" with Cseq=1, the second INVITE must have Cseq=2
only if "A" send this re-INVITE.

But, If "B" sends the second INVITE to "A", it initiates its own Cseq number
(i.e. Cseq = 1).

Refer to

Oscar Sanchez

2008/5/27 Shakthi <shakthi_msc at yahoo.com>:

> When 'A' and 'B' are in a session, if 'A' puts 'B' on hold, what is the
> C-seq should be?
> If the C-seq is 2-INVITE, do any of you aware of Tech-Invite document?
> In this Tech-Invite document, the call flow for the Call Hold scenario says
> that, when 'A' puts 'B' on hold, the C-seq value wil be as 1-INVITE.
> I am confused with this document. Can anyone tell me what will be the C-seq
> value in A-B session when 'A' holds 'B' ?
> Thanx in Advance
> -Shakthi
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