[SIPForum-discussion] TR: Softphones + alert-info header

zze-DESTOR Nicolas RD-SIRP-LAN nicolas.destor at orange-ftgroup.com
Wed Feb 14 09:33:31 UTC 2007

Thanks for your response.
I don't know if I could twisted your arm but It will be great if you can put the Alert-info header in your softphones (I'll thanks you much and I'll use your soft-phone immediately !) 
I went in your site, and I see the manual of your softphone. I can't try it for the moment but I think it work with my IMS architecture (no problem with device) . 
I am going to try what I whant precisely (sorry for my bad english in advance).
The softphone must support alert-info header, this significate that if it receive a INVITE message with a alert-info header contains a http-URL , then it have to request an http server to ask his ringing and finally play the ring when the http server give the response. I give a call-flow that the phone have to support in attached-file. Ubiquity is the name of a SIP server. Dont look at the request between the HTTP server and the database, the problem is just on the communication between the Callee's phone and the HTTP server. For the moment, I find just the SNOM 190 IP-phone thaht support this communication.
I'am not expert in this domain, but I hope you will anderstand my explication. Don't hesitate to ask me if you whant more details.
Thankyou for your attention;
Best regards,
Nicolas DESTOR


De : Jacky Mallett [mailto:warlock at media.mit.edu] 
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À : zze-DESTOR Nicolas RD-SIRP-LAN
Objet : Re: [SIPForum-discussion] Softphones + alert-info header

Hi Nicolas, 

we have a windows mobile softphone, which doesn't support alert-info, but we could probably put it in, if you twisted my arm. You can download a free alpha trial version at: 


Could you let me know why you want it?


CTO QTech Inc.

On Feb 13, 2007, at 10:04 AM, zze-DESTOR Nicolas RD-SIRP-LAN wrote:

	Does-someone know a softphone which support "alert-info" header (for distinctives rings) ? 

	Nicolas D. 

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