[SIPForum-discussion] Purpose of SIP Forum mailing lists? (Was Re: flow of RTP in SIPP)

Dan York dyork at voxeo.com
Mon Dec 24 15:14:20 UTC 2007


You ask an excellent question and one that, in my opinion, can  
probably only be addressed by Eric Burger (SIP Forum Chair) or Marc  
Robins (SIP Forum Executive Director).  The SIP Forum operates three  
mailing lists:


and this one, "discussion at sipforum.com", is defined on that page as:  
"a general-purpose mailing list for questions about SIP".

With that definition, pretty much anything can be sent out here. I  
think the question you raise really is:  what *should* be sent out on  
this list? Should this mailing list be broken out into separate lists  
for separate topic areas?  (Given the software currently used by the  
SIP Forum, I don't see any other way to separate out the content in  
the manner you mention.)

Given that here in North America many people have taken time off  
between now and New Year's Day, I don't expect you'll see a whole lot  
of discussion on this topic until the new year... but I agree it is a  
good question.


P.S. Regarding discussion of RFCs and Internet-Drafts, I would  
suggest that some of that (particularly the "new features") is also  
being discussed in the IETF mailing lists at: http://www.ietf.org/ 
maillist.html     Certainly, though, there is a need for a venue for  
discussion of *implementation* of RFCs, which is a valuable service  
that the SIP Forum lists can provide.

On Dec 24, 2007, at 3:11 AM, Shuky Persky wrote:

> hi all,
> does SIP-Forum classify members emails by subject ?
> for example:
>         (1) a question like the one below may be classified as  
> assistance-class
>         (2) RFCs discussion class
>         (3) SIP new features discussion  class (not yet RFC'ed)
>         (4) other  classes ...
> so every member can select what (s)he likes rather than being flood  
> by emails like th eone below
> which  (w/ all the respect) may not be of interest for part/many/ 
> most of the members
> again - w/ all the respect to the one that asked the question. pls  
> do not be offended.
> tnx, shuky
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> HI
>   I am able to make a basic SIP call between 2 pc using sipp . How  
> to  flow RTP in between them ???plz help me .
> regards
> william
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