[SIPForum-discussion] flow of RTP in SIPP

Shuky Persky shukyp at inter.net.il
Mon Dec 24 08:11:19 UTC 2007

hi all,

does SIP-Forum classify members emails by subject ?

for example:

        (1) a question like the one below may be classified as assistance-class
        (2) RFCs discussion class
        (3) SIP new features discussion  class (not yet RFC'ed)
        (4) other  classes ...

so every member can select what (s)he likes rather than being flood by emails like th eone
which  (w/ all the respect) may not be of interest for part/many/most of the members

again - w/ all the respect to the one that asked the question. pls do not be offended.

tnx, shuky

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    I am able to make a basic SIP call between 2 pc using sipp . How to  flow RTP in
between them ???plz help me .



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