[SIPForum-discussion] How does x-lite send a dialed number to asterisk?

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You are probably better served by finding the asterisk-users mailing list. (http://lists.digium.com/mailman/listinfo/asterisk-users)

But, to answer your questions, yes, X-Lite sends an INVITE with the dialed number in the R-URI and To header. It doesn't need an INFO method at all, because that is all handled by the INVITE.

Asterisk will allow you to perform shell scripts or other actions, but that would be a question to ask on the asterisk-users list, because this list is used more for SIP protocol discussions, not specific to Asterisk.


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I'm new on Asterisk, SIP and softphones.

How does the X-Lite softphone send a dialed number to asterisk? Maybe this question is too generic, so let me clarify a bit more:

1) My X-Lite is already registered on my Asterisk. Was it possible by means of a SIP Register message, wasn't it?

2) If I dial the number 200 in my X-Lite, my Asterisk will execute some actions, because there is the extension 200 in its dial plan. But, to send 200 to Asterisk, does the X-Lite use just a SIP INFO message or does it use SIP INVITE and then SIP INFO?

Can a Dial Plan execution invokes a shell script on Linux?

Any hint will be very helpful!

Best Regards.

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