[SIPForum-discussion] Inquiry about SIP Proxy. Which proxy to use (resiprocate, kamailio).

Tomasz Karbowski tom170 at o2.pl
Wed Apr 29 07:16:59 UTC 2015

I found an answer myself.
To be able to call to person registered thru resiprocate it was needed to  
add an ACL entry in web interface otherway i got 403 Relaying forbidden.

After that it started to work.

Now i am having other strange problem.
When i use Bria from behind NAT it works well with resiprocate but when i  
tried other dialer from same PC it cannot receive messages.

Best regards,
Tomasz K.

W dniu .04.2015 o 12:16 Tomasz Karbowski <tom170 at o2.pl> pisze:

> I would like to ask somebody how to use or which proxy should i choose.
> What i need is forward all traffic from my SIP dialers to one SIP server
> excluding INVITE with a specific prefix in request-line or To header.
> I have tried ReSIProcate proxy and i can register to my SIP server  
> through
> proxy and i am able to call from the dialer registered thru proxy.
> But i am unable to receive calls to this dialer.
> When i try to call dialer registered thru proxy i am getting resiprocate
> logs that relaying is not allowed. My SIP server sends INVITE to proxy
> address and it stops on ReSIProcate.
> Record-route on resiprocate proxy was enabled.
> How to resolve this issue?
> Best regards,
> Tomasz K.
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