[SIPForum-discussion] Questions regarding Bulk Registration

Lisa Foster lisafoster at tango-networks.com
Mon Jun 2 15:26:38 UTC 2014

I would like to ask a question on behalf or our team.

We have a solution that acts as a SIP -PBX .  We are looking to implement
bulk registration in our product.  Our question is, in the case of  a
Georedundancy situation ( 2 or more SIP-PBX in different regions of the
country, each with a different IP address but would be servicing the same
DID ranges), how would Register and Invite messages be handled?  Ideally we
would want to register both addresses, both SIP-PBXs, to the SP-SSE and
then have the SP-SSE route INVITES through one or the other, not both at
the same time.  So we want a load sharing scenario in which one call goes
through "Dallas" and the next through "Atlanta"... or we want a failover
scenario in which calls normally route through "Dallas", but can be routed
through "Atlanta" if the SP-SSE detects that the "Dallas" endpoint is
down.  We want to be able to support both modes.

What we want to know is how registrations should work for this scenario.
Should one SIP-PBX register on behalf of both providing multiple contacts
in a single REGISTER message, or should each SIP-PBX send its own REGISTER
message and have he SP-SSE be responsible for knowing there are two
routes. Would Bulk Registration allow more than one contact header each
with a unique IP address and the corresponding  bnc parameter or would a
separate Registration message be required from each SIP- PBX?

I've enclosed a diagram to better illustrate what we are trying to

Thank you for your help...

Lisa Foster
Tango Networks
UC Training Engineer
(469)229-6064 UC Number
lisafoster at tango-networks.com
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