[SIPForum-discussion] ACK was not receiced by B

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Hi Subhasish
Check step (5) and have a look to the contact header in the 200-OK. 
Perhaps it contains  a wrong IP address for the uas B.

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Please let me know the answer

There are two user-agents (A and B) , one proxy server (P)

1) A sends INVITE        to P
2) P forwards INVITE      to B
3) B sends  180    to P
4) P sends  180    to A
5) B sends  200    to P
6) P sends  200    to A
7) A sends  ACK    to P
8) P sends  ACK    to A (when P sends ACK packet to B the packet is lost so
how the call is going to take place or the transaction or what will happend
to the session  ?)

Subhasish panda

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