[SIPForum-discussion] audio problem with G.723, B party can hear properly but A party cannot

Prakash Singh Chaudhary prakash_7singh at yahoo.co.in
Fri Oct 18 08:05:29 UTC 2013


I am trying one interconnection where i tested calls with G.729 and G.711 and the calls were successful with good voice quality but if i use G.723 and make a call, then the B Party is able to hear A properly but the B party gets choppy voice.

If i try G.723 calls with other providers i am not facing this issue.

In this trace i can see in the RTP summary that from A to B there is a packet loss of 99% whereas B to A is 0%, but there are other cases when this loss on both sides was 0% then also I faced voice quality problem for audio coming from B to A.

Can Someone throw a light here.
Thanks & Regards

Prakash Singh Chaudhary
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