[SIPForum-discussion] Sdp attribute for Call hold

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If Leg A would send inactive the second side probably replies with  
inactive too - nobody would receive media.
Music on hold could not work properly then.
Incactive can happen when the call was placed on hold by one side and then  
second side put's the call on hold as well.
In normal scenario sendonly should be sent and recvonly answered by the  
other side.

Dnia 19-06-2013 o 16:04:44 <chandrasekhara.madduri at wipro.com> napisał(a):

> Hi Ankur,
> a=inactive is used when the user wants neither to send data or receive  
> any data on its port. By a=sendonly, user means that "I would not like  
> to receive any media from you" and asking the other side to keep quite  
> but it can send media. This is the main difference between inactive and  
> sendonly.
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> Hi All
> Can anyone explain why a=sendonly is sent in offer from side performing  
> HOLD ?
> I think a=inactive should be right way of holding call .
> Any specific scenario which explain when to use sendonly and when  
> inactive
> Thanks & regards
> Ankur Bansal

Tomasz Karbowski

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