[SIPForum-discussion] P-Early Media header confusion

Banda, Srinivas (Srinivas) sribanda at avaya.com
Thu Jun 13 08:02:09 UTC 2013

Hi Ankur,

Please find the extract from RFC-5009 for the P-Early-Media Header:

   If the proxy also performs gating of early media, then it uses the
   parameter(s) of the P-Early-Media header field to decide whether to
   open or close the gates for backward and forward early media flow(s)
   between the UAs.  The proxy performing gating of early media may also
   add a "gated" parameter to the P-Early-Media header field before
   forwarding the message so that other gating proxies in the path can
   choose to leave open their gates.

   If the UAC is a trusted server within the network (e.g., a PSTN

   gateway), then the UAC may use the parameter(s) of the P-Early-Media

   header field in messages received from the UAS to decide whether to

   perform early media gating or cut-through and to decide whether or

   not to render backward early media in preference to generating

   ringback based on the receipt of a 180 Ringing response.


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HI All ,

I am getting 180 response with Sdp and headers like Content Disposition: session  and P-Early-media :gated .
Can some one explain what P-Early-media = gated  meant  here and how client should act on it?

Thanks & regards
Ankur Bansal
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