[SIPForum-discussion] ICE - Connectivity check Algorithm

Manoj Raju manoj.raju at ymail.com
Tue Aug 6 13:49:58 UTC 2013

Hi Rahul,

As per the RFC, I understand, Connectivity Checks  for each candidate are paced  out at certain rate, called as TA timer. This TA can be 20 ms minimum.

And so , if there are 2 media streams with higher to lower priority . THe high priority check will be done at say TA1 timer  and  the check for next priority stream
will be done at TA2 timer. And so in this case, the response for first connectivity check is not a criteria to decide on sending the next connectivity check.
it is based on periodic timers.

Manoj Raju

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 Hi Manoj,Thanks for the
 reply.My question was whether connectivity checks
 for the media streams will begin simultaneously or one after
 the other.For Eg:If I have 2 streams
 say Audio and Video and Audio has highest priority. The
 connectivity checks for video will start after completion of
 Audio or it will start when Audio checks are still going
 On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at
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 As per rfc 5245, the candidate pairs are sorted
 based on 
 Priority. And
 checks are done in sequence  from high priority to low
 priority. so  connectivity checks for all pairs won't
 begin at same time.
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 Tuesday, 30 July 2013 11:02 AM
 [SIPForum-discussion] ICE - Connectivity check Algorithm
 Hi , In ICE rfc 5245, it is
 mentioned that connectivity checks will start for the first
 media stream(as mentioned in SDP) . There is
 also a mention that each media stream will have independent
 timers which decides the interval between connectivity
 checks and RTO for those candidates,
 I have a doubt here.
 Connectivity checks will begin at the same time
 for all media stream                  
 ORconnectivity checks will begin for the second
 media stream only after first media stream's
 connectivity checks are over.
 Regards,Rahul Sankanur
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