[SIPForum-discussion] Query Regarding SIP Registration

mahesh b mahesh.b.2487 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 07:49:57 UTC 2013

Hi All..
         A sip client say Phone A (wireless) is registered to the
server(Which acts as a Registrar Server as well as Proxy). Now say Phone B
which is registered to the same server
wants to make a call to Phone A.  At this instance if Proxy Server is not
able to reach Phone A suppose.(due to some TCP connection error at client
side, which is detected
at server side). And Say suppose Registration Expiration for the client is
3600 Seconds.

         Now if the client continues to be in this state( i mean some tcp
connectoin errors). And Proxy is not able to reach the client to forward an
INVITE to it. From Proxy perspective(or Register Server )the client is
still Registered?

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