[SIPForum-discussion] Sip-I Sip-T Tools ??

George Spanos gspanos at mediacomcc.com
Tue Oct 16 18:45:05 UTC 2012

You can try SIPp. It's a free open source utility that can send/rec SIP messaging. You design a script to tell it what messages to send and what messages to expect in response.

Messages being sent are enclosed in an XML tag, <send> YOUR MESSAGE HERE</send>
Messages expected (received responses) are tagged as <recv> YOUR RESPONSE</recv>
Optional responses looks like this:
<recv response="100" optional="true">  </recv>

I've attached one of the samples that comes with the program. It takes some time to mess around with and figure out how it works, what you want your script to do and how to use it's function to send RTP (via DTMF tones)

Download Stable Release v3.2

Some minor notes about the program

Notes & Tips on how to use the program

Cheat sheet of command line options that can be used

Good luck,

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I want to send a INVITE with message body that contains content-type: application/isup and application/sdp . Is there any tool that will support both and run media(RTP) along with , please provide the tools name.

Thanks in advance !!

Varun Agrawal
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