[SIPForum-discussion] No SDP in Response for OPTIONS with Accept:application/sdp

Mohit Soni Mohit.Soni at matrixcomsec.com
Fri Oct 12 09:18:55 UTC 2012

Hi Pranav,
It depends on the intention of sending OPTIONS message to remote UA.
If your intention to send OPTIONS is as a keep alive, i.e., if you are
sending OPTIONS message to know that the remote peer is present or not then
you shall ignore the SDP body in 200 OK (Some of the Service Provides use
this in case of static configrations for their subscribers where the
subscriber does not require to get registered with the Server at Service
Provider end. here, the service provider and UA sends OPTIONS message
periodically to each other to know that the server/UA is reachable or not).
If your intention to send OPTIONS is to know the capabilities of the remote
UA then for interoperability, you can ignore the missing SDP body in 200 OK
and use your configured SDP parameters for SDP Offer/Answer with the remote
Hope this will help you.
Mohit Soni


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Hello Everybody ,

What should my client do if it sends a capability query via OPTIONS with  
Accept: application/sdp 
and in reply it gets 200 OK without SDP in the message body.

I would really appreciate if you may point your answer with reference to a
RFC or Specification (IMS etc.)

Cheers ,
Pranav Damele

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