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On Sep 28, 2011, at 8:46 AM, Mujeeb khan wrote:

> Hi, My company looking into SIP trunk to replace our TDM technology. We have all together 25k Cisco IP phones distributed among four CUCM. We have more than 100 PRIs. We also have CER (E911 system ), call center, and some call recording.
> I have following questions and hoping to get answers :
> 1) Is any one use acme in enterprise? If it does what are the pros & cons.
The Session Director 3820 scales up to 8000 simultaneous calls and the SD 4500 up to 32,000 calls, it supports QoS routing (monitors RTP in real time and if egress path's RFactor falls below a certain threshold the Acme will route traffic over an alternate path), Local Route Tables (LRT = customer routing based on source or destination digits),  SIP Header Manipulation is best of breed, answer-seizure ratio based routing, codec policies, load balancing, and more.. 

> 2) does acme support transcoding & MYOPIC on there sbc?
Transcoding is supported on the 3800, 4500, and 9200 series. The 3800/4500 supports 7000 transcoded 729/711 calls simultaneously. Other codecs supported are G.726, G.722, AMR, AMR-Wideband, G.723.1, iLBC, G711-T.38, bi-directional DTMF
> 3) comparing cube vs acme, which one is better and why?

Acme is typically deployed in high-availability pairs.  If one system is unavailable the standby becomes active.  Calls are stateful during this failover, CDR's are still written, and only one or two RTP packets will be lost during this failover.  Cisco 3945-E routers do support HSRP with CUBE which will still proxy RTP, but the newly active router does not know about the SIP call-id for existing calls, therefore you cannot transfer, conference, etc., and when you hang up and send a SIP BYE the newly active router returns SIP 481 Transaction Does Not Exist. Also, there is no replication of call-state or configuration replication between the two routers. CDR's that were started on the original 3945-E will not have a stop record when there is a HSRP failover.

> As you guys know we are in planning mode but I will appropriate any response.
> Thanks, 
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