[SIPForum-discussion] Free Webinar: SIPconnect and the SIP Trunking Value Proposition

Marc Robins marc.robins at sipforum.org
Wed Oct 19 16:01:54 UTC 2011

Join USTelecom and Marc Robins from the SIP Forum for a free webinar on how
SIP Trunking can bring value to your network services, and how the
SIPconnect Technical Recommendation can help you achieve SIP Trunking

The webinar discusses SIP trunking and the Forum's SIPconnect Technical
Recommendation - an industry-wide, vendor-agnostic, standards-based approach
to direct IP peering between SIP-enabled IP PBXs and VoIP service provider
networks. Learn more about SIP trunking and the value that SIPconnect
delivers to service providers, channel partners, and enterprises as they
deploy new SIP trunks.


Date: Thursday, October 27, 2011


Time: 1pm-2pm EDT


For more information, please visit the webinar website:




To Register, please click here: 



About the SIP Forum and USTelecom

The SIP Forum is a leading IP communications industry association that
engages in the promotion and advancement of SIP-based technology. The SIP
Forum is responsible for development of industry recommendations, the SIPit
interoperability and testing events, the SIPNOC conference, special
interoperability workshops, and SIP educational seminars. 

USTelecom (www.ustelecom.org) is America's broadband association.  It is the
nation's premier trade association representing broadband service providers,
manufacturers and suppliers providing advanced applications and
entertainment.  USTelecom member companies provide broadband on a fixed and
mobile basis, and offer a wide range of voice, data and video services.
While ranging in diversity from large, publicly traded companies to small
rural cooperatives, USTelecom members stand united to champion
pro-investment policies that help bring the promise of broadband to all
Americans, advancing the nation's economy and quality of life, from
innovations in health care and education to entertainment and the


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