[SIPForum-discussion] FORMAT FOR A SIPS URI

Wang, Chris cwang at sonusnet.com
Sun Oct 2 01:40:48 UTC 2011

Yes, it is correct.  In your case, the userinfo field is
"6795;phone-context=local" string and it is opaque.

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Hello, my ISP send me that INVITE.
I have a doubt in the URI.
INVITE sip:6795;phone-context=local at ntlpba.mx;user=phone;behindnat
<sip:8182213405;phone-context=national at ntlpba.mx;user=phone>;tag=80315
To: <sip:6795;phone-context=local at ntlpba.mx;user=phone>

Is correct, that format
sip:user;uri-parameters=parameter-value at domain;uri-parameters=parameter-
value;behindnat SIP/2.0

O it must be:

sip:user at domain;uri-parameters=parameter-value;uri-parameters=parameter-
value;behindnat SIP/2.0

Basically, my doubt is after the user must have the domain or not ?
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