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Hi Renan,

the provided information is not sufficient, but still I'll try to it.

When an INVITE message has been sent, UAC start timers t1, t2. UAC retransmit the INVITE message until it receives definitive provisional response or it reaches 10*T2 seconds some thing like this.
So in this period of time if UAC doesn't receive any definitive response, it will retransmit INVITE messages.

Please correct me if i am wrong

Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 04:19:40 -0700
From: rdpanes at yahoo.com
To: discussion at sipforum.org
Subject: [SIPForum-discussion] MULTIPLE SIP INVITE MESSAGE

Hello Forum,

Multiple SIP Invite Message sending is seen on my trace logs, how does this happen and why?

Appreciate any advise and recommendations. Thanks.

Best Regards, Renan PanesEmail:    rdpanes at yahoo.comIM:        rdpanes

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