[SIPForum-discussion] 800 # call lag

Chet Curry CCurry at telovations.com
Tue Jul 26 18:22:26 UTC 2011

I want to get a consensus and understanding of 800# traffic and time to connect a call.  I notice with all of our carriers we have SS7 peering or SIP peering that we send 800 traffic to have a 1.5 to 3 second call lag.

Meaning I will see 183's and 180's take 1000ms to 3000ms to get this response from an invite.  All LD traffic is quick and usually 20ms to 70ms.

1.  Is this other service providers experience or do you get response times below 100ms for the ring back messaging.
2. Is there a special lookup that happens on the SS7 signaling side that would explain this extra lag when compared to a standard LD call?
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