[SIPForum-discussion] Transcoding devices in VOIP

David Kemp DKemp at Austar.com.au
Wed Jul 13 23:50:54 UTC 2011

	I use the Cisco cube for transcoding, but I use it for DTMF relay modification, ie changing in band to rfc2833 all calls are g711.  In my case the DSP resources are on the same box, but they can be on a separate device, it uses SCCP for registration and allocation of the resources.

	For my use the cube`s (2 of) are cisco 3945`s, each with have the capacity for ~520 transcoded calls before cpu would impact quality, if codec was changing then this would be less.  This setup does on average 20,000 calls per day.

	I would not class these as "carrier grade" there are other things better out there, I have heard that Acme Packet are very good and directed at the carrier market.

Dave Kemp

On 12/07/2011, at 0:34, "amit salunkhe" <amitsalunkhe21 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear All
> 1.How msuch possible and correct to do trasncoding in VOIP carriere level platforms?
> 2 .Any carrier doing transcoding in VOIP world?
> 3. Other than SBc whcih are teh seperate platform we can sue for transocindg? any well known?
> 4.If i wish to do trasncoding on seperate BOX (out of my SBC) is the same call flow of media packets? or signaling packets to do transcoding?
> A Party-------->SBC--------------->Tarnscoder BOX------------>SBC(Same)--------------->B Part or far end?
> 5. have anybody using Csico CUBE for Transcoding?
> 6. based on diffrent codec types and annex CPU usage and bandwidth consumption is diffrent while transcondng? 
> Thanks & Regards
> Amit Salunkhe
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