[SIPForum-discussion] Transactions in basic call hold scenario

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RFC3261 Page 122

   A stateless proxy does not contain a client or server transaction.

   The transaction exists between the UA or stateful proxy on one side,

   and the UA or stateful proxy on the other side.  As far as SIP

   transactions are concerned, stateless proxies are effectively

   transparent.  The purpose of the client transaction is to receive a

   request from the element in which the client is embedded (call this

   element the "Transaction User" or TU; it can be a UA or a stateful

   proxy), and reliably deliver the request to a server transaction.

If the proxy in the middle is stateful then there are 14 transactions, o/w there are 7.

Thanks to haluk

Kesavan R

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 hi experts,
     can anyone tell me how many transactions are present in basic call hold scenario??

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