[SIPForum-discussion] In which scenario Proxy will generate CANCEL ?

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CANCEL is used to terminate the pending INVITEs. If the requested entity does not send the final response, proxy will generate the CANCEL request to terminate the pending INVITE request.


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Hi Seshagiri,
   if u don't receive the call at UAS side, i mean if u don't send the 200 OK from UAS for the invite for long time, UAC will send the CANCEL and it will be forwarded to UAS through the proxy server. Here in your scenario proxy won't send any request or responses by itself to either UAC/S but it only forwards the request/responses.

Dear sipform folks correct me if i am wrong,

On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 1:05 PM, seshagiri <seshgirik at gmail.com<mailto:seshgirik at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi All
 I came across a scenario to test CANCEL which should be generated by Proxy.
 In the following scenarios, which scenario is valid?
 1 UAC sends INVITE to Proxy, proxy forwards the request to UAS.
 Now UAS responds with 180 ringing only  but no final response , so in this case Proxy sends CANCEL to UAS  or which response ?
 Now the proxy sends 408 or 480 to UAC ?
 Or in the above scenario is valid only for Forking scenario only, where Proxy tries to multiple locations?
I am confused about the functionality.
 Pl give your valuable suggestions.

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