[SIPForum-discussion] Getting 503 & 603 after SIP session progress

amit salunkhe amitsalunkhe21 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 13:36:57 UTC 2010

HI All

Is this following signalling behavior is the right if calls going form VOIP
to PSTN.

VOIP provider1---------------------->VOIP Provider2------------->PSTn
network--------------->PStn user

Suppose VOIP provider 1 getting SIP response 503 or 603 after SIP session
progress 183 or 183 ringing, is this right behavior in terms of SIP
signalling.if this is the case can VOIP provider failover that call to next

Also where shud be the problem at VOIP provider 2 or respective PSTN network

under this condition how VOIP provider can nadle such error signall at there
end if they are using SBC.

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