[SIPForum-discussion] IPv4 to IPV6 call -What will ve Connectionparmeter Ip address in SDP

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Please note that if V4 is talking to V6, you need some inetrmediatory
party who can do necessary changes.
Be it proxy or ICE..etc. Please note that if V6 node only talks in V6
and does not support fallback to V4 then this communication is not
There is ANAT RFC for SDP format in case of dual stack and also there is
another ICE based SDP implementaion for SDP format.
But i think ANAT RFC (4091) must help.

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Connectionparmeter Ip address in SDP

Hi Sunil,
Thanks for reply.But still i am not got clear picture i.,e
1>IPv4---->IPV6------->On what decision is going to  negotiate either
with IPV4 or IPV6 address? 

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	The Hold shoudl contain SDP parameter previously negotiated on. 
	If it was neotiated on V4 then it must be V4 and if it is V6
then it shoudl be V6.
	If i am correct you are looking for connection information in

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Connectionparmeter Ip address in SDP
	Hi all,
	I am having some doubts on IPV6 related SIP scenrios please
	1>If i am making call from IPV4 UA----->IPV6 UA & press Flash to
make Call hold what will connection parameter conatins i.e whether IPv4
or IPv6 address
	2>Same scenrioas above from IPV6 to IPV4 UA.

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