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fråmedrëlay framedrelay at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 22 05:59:40 UTC 2010


Can someone please tell me whats the real use or Scenario which I use this (In-Reply-To) header?
Your reply will be much appreciated.


RFC Says,

20.21 In-Reply-To

   The In-Reply-To header field enumerates the Call-IDs that this call
   references or returns.  These Call-IDs may have been cached by the
   client then included in this header field in a return call.

      This allows automatic call distribution systems to route return
      calls to the originator of the first call.  This also allows
      callees to filter calls, so that only return calls for calls they
      originated will be accepted.  This field is not a substitute for
      request authentication.


      In-Reply-To: 70710 at saturn.bell-tel.com, 17320 at saturn.bell-tel.com

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