[SIPForum-discussion] Blank Calls in SIP Trunking in ZTE ZXC10& Huawei MSOFTX3000 Soft Switches

Medve, Steve smedve at redcom.com
Mon Jan 11 18:04:04 UTC 2010

I responded based upon a previous answer given in regards to VoIP and
dealings in India. As far as any other non hosted VoIP in India I
haven't heard if it's allowed at this time or not but again any VoIP
toll bypass product would be strictly forbidden. 


Unless better sense has prevailed of late,  the Indian Government
forbids the use of SIP Trunking for toll bypass. 

In other words, you cant have it! Like many things in India, it is
BANNED ( Stalinist central control policies in action).


Steven A. Medve 

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Is VoIP based products big in India or these development just happen
here and the products are for Europe and Americas?



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Can you attach a wireshark or motor traces of the blank calls.

Thanks and Regards


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Subject: [SIPForum-discussion] Blank Calls in SIP Trunking in ZTE ZXC10
& Huawei MSOFTX3000 Soft Switches


Dear all,


I am working in switching domain in Alcatel-Lucent India and is facing
the problem of Blank Calls for SIP Trunking in ZTE ZXC10 & Huawei
MSOFTX3000 Soft Switches.


Experts here are saying that this is due to bandwidth getting exceeded
in RDN [Data Network].


I cannot agree with it totally.


I need a reasonable reason of Blank Calls as this is increasing in terms
of customer complains for our Telecom Circle.


For TDM Trunking, Blank Call cases are nearly zero.


Can I have a satisfactory answer to my question with Sequence or
Activity Diagrams if possible.


Thank you.





Thanks and regards

Rohan Sarker

Deputy Manager


DAKC, Navi Mumbai







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