[SIPForum-discussion] diff between req URI & To header

Nitin Kapoor nitinkapoorr at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 07:47:19 UTC 2010


The To header field identifies the original recipient of the request
designated by the user identified in the From field. The original recipient
may or may not be the UAS processing the request, due to call forwarding or
other proxy operations.

 However, the Request-URI identifies the UAS that is to process the request.

And according To RFC..

The Request-URI is a special form of SIP URI and indicates the resource to
which the request is being sent, also known as the
request target

*TO Header*

The To header field is a required header field in every SIP message used to
indicate the recipient of the request. Any responses generated by a user
agent will contain this header field with the addition of a tag.

Nitin Kapoor

2010/1/1 mrinal k <mrinal.80 at gmail.com>

> Hello everybody,
> Can anybodty pls tel me the diff between Request  URI & To header?
> thanks
> Mrinal
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