[SIPForum-discussion] Does anybody familar with what empty Accept-Language means?

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Thanks for your reply. We can follow RFC2616, so RFC3261 needs to be
updated to reflect this? Since many SIP devices follow RFC3261 and maybe
catch such issue. 






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In HTTP if an Accept-Language header is present, then all languages
which are assigned a quality factor greater than 0 are acceptable.
>From specification it is one non-empty list of "language-range"'s. There
is a special range "*" which represent everything which wasn't matched
by ranges.
SIP defines Accept-Language as: "Accept-Language:" + optional sequence.
This is not consistent with HTTP specification.

Accept-Language  =  "Accept-Language" HCOLON

                     [ language *(COMMA language) ]

language         =  language-range *(SEMI accept-param)

language-range   =  ( ( 1*8ALPHA *( "-" 1*8ALPHA ) ) / "*" )

So trying to applie rules from RFC 2616 with SIP definition I would say
if the header value is empty and there is no special range "*" present
(everything which wasn't matched by ranges)
then this means that no language is acceptable.

Kind regards,
- Tomasz Zieleniewski

2009/5/8 ZHANG Joey <yongz at alcatel-lucent.com>



I encounter one issue about the syntax of Accept-Language, seems that
RFC3261 is inconsistent with RFC2616.  From revision of HTTP spec (see
), Accept-Language can't be empty. But from RFC 3261 ABNF,
Accept-Language can be empty since the field value is optional.


Can anybody tell me should the Accept-Language be empty?  And what does
empty Accept-Language means? 





Joey Zhang


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