[SIPForum-discussion] Passing several 2xx responses to servertransaction

Yevgen Krapiva ykrapiva at gmail.com
Sat May 2 17:31:58 UTC 2009

Thanks for reply.
But actually, I was asking about how to send more than one 2xx
response over single
invite server transaction ? The diagram of INVITE server transaction
shows that once you sent 2XX response, the transaction goes into
terminated state.
This means, as I understand, that if I (proxy) need to say UAC that
there is another one 2XX response, I need to send this one
statelessly, beacuse initial server transaction is already terminated.

Am I right ?

2009/5/2, Giscard Fernandes Faria <GISCARDF at nec.com.br>:
> YKrapiva,
> Once a request is forked by a proxy, more than one response will be
> received for the same request. However the UAC is not the one whom
> receive all those
> responses; the Proxy whom forked the request will receive them.
> What SIP RFC stands, is that those responses shall be merged in a unique
> one
> for non-INVITE request (the best response of all shall be picked).
> However
> when the request was an INVITE all responses shall be delivered to main
> UAC;
> this is necessary so UAC can open a distinct dialog for each 2XX
> response or
> event kill early dialogs for each 4xx-6xx response
> Hope this can help.
> Regards
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> Hi.
> I need clarification on the following quote from RFC 3261, Response
> processing in statefull proxies:
>>Step 5. Check response for forwarding
>>This step, combined with the next, ensures that a stateful
>>proxy will forward exactly one final response to a non-INVITE
>>request, and either exactly one non-2xx response or one or more
>>2xx responses to an INVITE request.
> How can I pass several responses over single server transaction ?
> If I pass only one then transaction state will be changed to terminated.
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