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shaikh. bashaa shaikh.bashaa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 15:40:44 UTC 2009

Dear All,

Good evening,

I am trying  for more than 4 years to have my own sip server in my office,
but I could not find any solution so far. I have posted several requesitions
in the forum, but could not find any exact answer or complete installation

I cannot forget Mr.victor.pascual who helped me by referring some websites,
but I have gone through those websites, but could not understand, as I am
not much familiar with voip/sip and i am not technical person. One of the
Asterisk experts has cheated me also. He told me that he is expert in
Asterisk, and I believed him and spent money behind him, but later I came to
know that he has cheated me.

So, please any one can guide me how to use sip server on my domain name. Let
me give you an example what i want. Just like voxalot.com

I want to have sip server on my domain name and configure nokia sip enabled
phones to use. That's all.

One more question, When Asterisk itself works as a sip server then what is
the use of Openser/SER or any other software. How to integrate SER with
Asterisk and what is the benefit of integration?

I request humbly and kindly every one to help me in this regard. I would be
very much appreciated and be thankful for kind support and action. So,
please please try to help me in this regard. My email id is
shaikh.bashaa at gmail.com

Thanking you sir,
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