[SIPForum-discussion] Call Transfer through a SIP Trunk

Manoj Priyankara [TG] ManojPR at suntel.lk
Tue Jun 30 03:35:28 UTC 2009

Dear all,

Please consider the following scenario.

Assume that there is a standard Soft Switch; and an IP PBX is connected
to the SS using a SIP trunk. 

IP PBX has a user (Say A)

An incoming call comes from an external party through the SS to user A.
User A transfers that call to an external party. (Say B). This call leg
also goes through the SS

Incoming call to A

		SIP Trunk
C-----> |SS|-------->|IP-PBX|------> A

Transfer to B

A---->|IP PBX|------->|SS|-------> B  

In this scenario, can the media be bridged from the SS and release all
the resources in the IP PBX once the call is transferred?


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