[SIPForum-discussion] The process sequence

Vivek Batra Vivek.Batra at matrixtelesol.com
Sat Jun 20 03:50:50 UTC 2009

Right Kartik, since RBT can also be played in media by remote server, but
what if gateway wants to disconnect the media once call has been placed to
actual called party.....? 
This can be done only be sending 180 Ringing after 183 Session Progress!

Best Regards,
Vivek Batra

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   But is 180 ringing really needed when we get a 183 in the firstplace??


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Hi MIke,

183 session progress is generaly used when user is intrested in resource
reservation according to 3GPP spec. Genrally 183 and PRACK is used to do the
media negotiation before user is alerted. So it always comes before 180



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Hi All,
      One quick question: I was wondering if the Ringing (180) is always
occurring ahead of the Session Progress (183).
      In my case, the 183 response always happened before the 180 happened.


      Mike J.

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