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SINGH ANURAG Anurag.Singh at alcatel-lucent.com
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Thanks for the input Tomasz.

If I understood well than I hope you are saying that  the UA1 should
send Offer with 8 in media line, 

now suppose 200OK still has multiple codec (like 18 8) in answer ...

So my question is that does it seem correct to send INVITE always.

as it could be a unlimited exchange of messages


Your opinion please






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In Your case UA1 should normally construct initial INVITE with SDP offer
containing this particular codec specification. Despite any other
related reasons UA2 will reject INVITE with 488/606 (Not Acceptable
Here) response 
in case the session description is not acceptable or will accept session
offer by 
sending a final 2xx response with SDP answer containing the same codec
Provisional responses can also contain the same SDP contents as final
2xx one.

Kind regards,
Tomasz Zieleniewski

2009/5/29 SINGH ANURAG <Anurag.Singh at alcatel-lucent.com>

Hello All,

UA1 can open cahnnel only with one codec, so it need to negotiate with
one codec
I will take you to the example straight.

UA1                                                     UA2
-----INVITE(Offer m =0 8 18)----------->
<-------200OK(Answer m=18 8)-----------
--------INVITE(offer m=18)------------->
<-------200OK(Answer m=8 18)------------

what should be the behaviour?? is there any standred stating the


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